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Last update : 01/09/2009

The Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) on the MILOM measures the sea current as a function of depth from the top storey on the MILOM down 160m to the sea bed. Figure 24 shows an example of the data corresponding to a depth close to the top of the line (on the right, picture of the ADCP).

Figure 24. Data from the ADCP measuring sea current speed and direction from 15 Apr to 7 May.

CSTAR device

Another important instrument on the MILOM is the CSTAR device which measures the water transparencyv (picture on the left, scheme on the right).

The CT-Seabird device measures the sea temperature and conductivity from which the salinity and density can be calculated. A separate instrument measures the sound velocity. Figures 25 and 26 show samples of data from these devices

CSTAR scheme

Figure 25. Data from the CT-Seabird device measuring sea temperature from 13 Apr to 19 May.

Figure 26. Data from the sound velocity measuring device.

Each storey of the MILOM contains a compass/ tiltmeter to measure the line orientation. These devices are standard throughout the ANTARES detector and supplement the position information from the acoustic positioning devices, both adding precision and providing checks. Figure 27 shows the compass heading for the three MILOM storeys.

The electronics cards in the LCM containers which contain the compass measurement devices also contain humidity sensors. The data from these devices are displayed in figure 28. These humidity data show fluctuations due to temperature variations; here the humidity increases when the electronics is warm and it is believed that in this case the outgassing of the material completely dominates the humidity fluctuations. The low humidity values show there are no water leaks in the four containers of the MILOM.

Figure 27. Heading data from compasses in each MILOM storey.

Figure 28. Humidity measurements in each MILOM storey.

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Author : Thierry Stolarczyk