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Latest news

First connexion of the ANTARES prototype to the sea shore with a 37km long electro-optical cable

The main activities of ANTARES are :
  • 0.1 km2 project, software development and studies

    Have a look to ANTARES 3D display events

  • Sea environment studies

    The first test was performed in 1996 : Tests of deployment (May 1996) and of recovery (Septembre 1996) of a 300 meters long mechanical string comporting a 17" Benthos sphere equipped with accelerometers and thermometers, read by a portable PC housed in the sphere. The string was deployed by 2300 m depth, about 15 km South of Toulon.

    Coming soon : the full program of the tests already performed.

    Maps with the location of the tests already performed

    Detailed descritpion

  • Soon : Detector deployment
  • Picture from the connexion test with the Nautile
  • Bioluminesnce studies

  • Optical modules fouling (due to sedimentation) and water transparency.

  • Boats used during the sea campaigns

  • The km3 project