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Step one: deployment and recovery of an elementary substructure

We will work on a simple substructure made of one string equipped with 20-30 optical modules and all the cables and the containers needed for the normal operation of the optical modules. We intend to use a string having all the complexity of a final substructure even if all the photo-multipliers and all their associated electronics might not be installed.

Vertically erected by its own buoyancy, the string is anchored on the sea bottom by a suitably dimensioned ballast. Apart from the optical modules, the string includes also current-meters, tilt-meters, accelerometers and compasses to learn about its dynamical behavior during deployment, operation and recovery.

The anchoring system should also keep in position the electro-optical cable connected to the shore, which delivers the necessary power and ensures the data transmission through optical fibres.

We have set up a shore station (at Les Sablettes at La Seyne using the France Télécom Câbles terminal) We will install acoustic beacons for the positioning of the string.

Jean-Philippe Laugier
Fri Oct 31 11:48:44 MET 1997