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Step two: installation of a three dimensional array

A possible set-up of the demonstrator is shown in figure gif. Whatever a final choice for the substructure may be, one is faced with the under-water interconnection of different substructures.

In this step, one has to test the submarine connection. Following the advice of IFREMER experts, we will use a manned submarine ( e.g. the Cyana which can be operated down to 3000 m) to start with, and once experience is gained, the submarine will be replaced by a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) which can be operated down to 6000 m.

Preliminary work will start in 1997 and operational tests are expected in 1998.

Once one knows how to install substructures and how to interconnect them, one should be able to build a large scale detector.

Jean-Philippe Laugier
Fri Oct 31 11:48:44 MET 1997