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Sea & Earth Sciences infrastructure

Antares is a real time infrastructure connected to shore opening new opportunities for environmental sciences.
Recently an extension to this existing infrastructure was added to the sea bed network in the form of a secondary junction box and an Instrumented Interface Module (MII). In November 2010, during the so-called TEXREX operation,IFREMER deployed a secondary junction box (BJS) linked to the main ANTARES junction box.

 Secondary junction box 
View of the secondary junction box (SJB) 
 MII Description : Albatross100.JPG
Views of the Instrumented Interface Module (MII) 
Sismometer  deep Sea Net node
Other instrument connected to the SJB :
sismometer, Deep Sea Net node

On the BJS, providing power and data transmission, 3 instrumented modules have been connected, providing real time data collection

  • The first module is a Deep Sea Net node, technology that will provide communication between distant site linked into an observation network (seismology, tsunami, ...).
  • The second module, the Instrumented Interface Module (MII) is hosting scientific instrumentation for environmental sciences. In its actual configuration, the MII is hosting a CTD sensor, an oxygen sensor, a turbidity sensor, a curentmeter (ADCP), an absolute pressure sensor ("tsunamimeter") and a very high sensitivity optical camera. The  MII has been built with a wet meteable socket  ready to receive an acoustic modem which will allow communication with an autonmous instrumented mooring line located nearby (less than 3NM).

  • The third module is a seismology modulee (broad band velocimeter (0.003-50Hz) , accelerometer, differential pressure and absolute pressure 1 Hz).(broad band velocimeter (0.003-50Hz) , accelerometer, differential pressure and absolute pressure 1 Hz).


Biocam   Electronic container
Biocamera front face  Electronic container 
 Currentmeter  Turbidity sensor
Currentmeter  Turbidity sensor 
 O2, CTD; P Interlink cable 
Oxygen, CTD and pressure sensors  Interlink cable 
Some details and instruments of the MII 

Some data from the BJS
First data obtained trhough the Secondary Junction Box (from left to right and top to bottom : optode O2, microcat CTD, turbidity, absolute pressure) - Click to enlarge.

Author : Thierry Stolarczyk