In memoriam Luciano Moscoso


Luciano Moscoso passed away on Monday 9th May 2011.

Antares loses one of his founding fathers, and the whole collaboration an amazing colleague and an outstanding physicist.

Neutrino astronomy, and KM3NeT in particular, loses one of his most convinced and convincing supporter.

We will miss his enthusiasm, his advise, his warm personality...

Luciano Moscoso at Taup 99

Luciano Moscoso's CV as found on his personnal web page, May 2011.

Luciano Moscoso



1996-2010         ANTARES project for the detection of high energy cosmic neutrinos

2010-….  CNRS Scientific Consultant

2005-2010 CEA Scientific Consultant

·         Member of the Project Coordination Committee of KM3NeT

1996-2005 Team leader of the Saclay group

§  Deputy spokesman of the collaboration

§  Chairman of the publication committee

§  Member of the collaboration board

§  Coordinator of the physics studies



1994-1996                  NESTOR project for the detection of high energy cosmic neutrinos

Team leader of the Saclay group

§  Member of the collaboration board

§  Coordinator of the software



1990-1994                  EROS experiment for the detection of baryonic dark matter

1988-1990                                                                                                                                                                                                   NET project for the detection of high energy cosmic neutrinos. Feasibility study

1984-1988         DVP. Search for proton decay in the Fréjus lab.

1980-1984                  WA69 at CERN. Search for baryonium production in the OMEGA spectrometer

1976-1980                  WA33 at CERN. Search for long-lived heavy particle production

1972-1976                  Search for fast L production in the OMEGA spectrometer at CERN

1968-1972                  Study of K-p interaction at 4 GeV in the 2 metres hydrogen bubble chamber of CERN (PhD thesis)

1966-1968                  Study of K- decay in three charged pions (undergraduate diploma)





1966-1972         Orsay University (France)                                              

n  DEA de 3e Cycle

n  Thèse de 3e cycle

n  PhD

1960-1965         Paris University (France)                                               

n  Licence d’enseignement en physique





1997-2004     Member of the Sientific council of the “Laboratoire Souterrain de Modane” (Fréjus lab)

1997-1998                Membre du Conseil Scientifique du Laboratoire de                 Physique des Hautes Energies au Collège de France

1986-1990                 Chairman of CUID (Comité des utilisateurs de l’Informatique du Département = Department Computing User Committee) of our lab in Saclay

1986-1990                 Membre du Comité des Sages (Expert evaluator for new coming physicists in our lab)


Direction of PhD theses



2001-2004          S. Saouter

1999-2001         A. Kouchner

1997-1999                  F. Blondeau

1992-1994                  B. Laurent

1987-1989                  J.F. Glicenstein








Author : Th. Stolarczyk