Congratulations to KM3NeT for the new ARCA detection units !

[Published  Apr. 16th, 2021]

ARCA detection unit
Deployment of a KM3NeT ARCA Detection Unit

During a sea campaign that lasted 1 week in early April, the submarine infrastructure of the italian KM3NeT site, offshore Sicily, has been successfully implemented, and 5 new ARCA detection units have been connected, and are since operational.

Congratulations to our KM3NeT colleagues ! This is a major milestones towards the completion of ARCA. KM3NeT is now composed of 6 ORCA detection units together with the 6 operational ARCA detection units.

View during deployment
Detection unit approaching touch down at the seabed, 3500m deep.

You can find more information about these deployments on the KM3NeT webpage.