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String 0 deployment


The deployment of the "string 0" took place on May 30, 1996. Here are some pictures of this fisrt deployment.


The instrumented sphere

This picture represents a Benthos sphere made of glass and able to undertake pressures up to 600 bars (about 6000 m of water). For this test, it was instrumented with accelerometers read by a portable PC. This sphere is mounted on a metallic frame shown on the picture below. The sphere is wrapped inside an insulating blanket to protect it from heating. This picture was taken on board the Prof. G. Petit (ship belonging to INSU) just before deployment of the string that was equipped with this sphere. The immersion point, of coordinates (4252' N - 557' E) is located 20 km off the shore of Toulon. The total length of the string is around 250 m.

Mounting of the instrumented sphere

Preparation of the string on board (G. Petit)

The sphere is installed on its supporting frame

Deployment of the string

String recovery

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Author : Thierry Stolarczyk