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Supports to the experiment

The ANTARES project is a collaboration between particle physics laboratories, sea scientists, astronomers and astrophysicists. Our collaboration receives also support from other organisms like :
  • FRANCE TELECOM /BRX/FTRSI/Unité des Opérations Marines


  • DGA/DCE (Direction des Centres d'Expertise et d'Essais) :
  • DCE/CTME (Centre Technique des Moyens d'Essais)
  • DCE/CTSN (Centre Technique des Systèmes Navals)

  • Geophysicists interested in participating to a deep-sea observatory :
  • Département de Sismologie - Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris (IPGP)
  • Géosciences Azur, Villefranche-sur-Mer (UPMC) et Nice-Sophia Antipolis (UNSA)
  • The existing program aiming at the study of a demonstrator has been approved by the guardianship organisms of the collaboration members. This program will be run during the years 1997, 1998 and 1999.

    Financial and technical support for this phase comes from :

  • French scientific organisms :
  • Université de la Méditerranée
  • Guardianship organisms of our European partners
  • This project received help from the territorial collectivities :


    and has been given regional and European funds :

  • Fonds Européen de Développement Régional (FEDER)
  • Fonds National d'Aménagement du Territoire (FNADT)
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    Author : Thierry Stolarczyk