Conferences - 2002


What ? Prospects for dark matter searches with the ANTARES neutrino telescope
September 2-6 2002 
S. Cartwright
4th International Workshop on the Identification of Dark Matter (IDM2002), York Minster, York, England

What ? The ANTARES project (contributed paper)
July 24-31 2002 
T. Montaruli
31st International Conference On High Energy Physics (ICHEP 2002), Amsterdam, The Netherlands
pdf - astro-ph/0207531

What ? Status of the ANTARES Underwater Neutrino Telescope
June 5-10 2002 
G. Hallewell
Fourth workshop on RICH detector, RICH 2002, Pylos, Greece

What ? Simulation of a km3-scale deep- sea neutrino detector
March 9-16 2002 
D. Zaborov
XXXVIIth Rencontres de Moriond, Electroweak interactions and Unified theories, Les Arcs, France

What ? ANTARES sensitivity to diffuse high energy neutrino fluxes
March 9-16 2002 
A. Romeyer
XXXVIIth Rencontres de Moriond, ElectroWeak Interactions and Unified Theories, Les Arcs, France


Author : Th. Stolarczyk