Conferences - 2004


What ? Status of the Antares project
11-17 Sept 2004
J. Brunner
NOW2004 (Neutrino oscillation workshop), Conca Specchiulla, Otranto, Italy

What ? Status report on the Antares project
6-12 Sept 2004

B. Vallage
XIII International Symposium on Very High Energy Cosmic Ray Interactions, Pylos, Greece

What ? The Antares detector
30 Aug - 3 Sep 2004
A. Margiotta
ECRS04, 19th european cosmic ray symposium, Florence, Italy

What ? The ANTARES experiment: past, present and future
29 AUg - 5 Sept 2004

I. Sokalski
The INFN Eloisatron Project, 44th Workshop on QCD at Cosmic Energies: the Highest Energy Cosmic Rays and QCD

What ? Status report of the Antares project
16 - 22 Aug 2004

L. Moscoso
ICHEP04, 32nd International Conference on High Energy Physics, Beijing, China

What ? Antares status and milestones: news from deep-sea
14-19 June 2004

Th. Pradier
Physics and astrophysics in space, 3rd international conference on frontier science, Rome, Italy

What ? The Antares neutrino telescope
13-19 Jun 2004
G. Anton
Neutrino 2004, XXIst international conference on neutrino physics and astrophysics, Paris, France

What ? Detecting high-energy neutrinos from microquasars with the ANTARES telescope
7 - 13 June, 2004
F. Burgio
5th Microquasar Workshop: Microquasars And Related Astrophysics, Beijing, China

What ? The neutrino telescope Antares
1 - 4 June, 2004
J.J. Hernández-Rey
2004 workshop on the multiwavelength Approach to unidentified gamma-ray sources, Hong Kong

What ? The status of the Antares experiment
May - 4 Jun 2004
E. V. Korolkova
CRIS 2004, Cosmic ray international seminar, Catania, Italy

What ? The Antares neutrino telescope : status report
24-29 May 2004
Ch. Racca
Vulcano workshop 2004, Vulcano, Italy

What ? Antares : status report
23 - 26 May 2004

J.-P. Schuller
9th topical seminar on innovative particle and radiation detectors , Siena, Italy

What ? Exploring the universe with the Antares neutrino telescope
28 Mar - 4 Apr 2004

V. A. Kudryavtsev
39th Rencontres De Moriond Workshop , La Thuile, Italy

What ? Status of Antares, an undersea neutrino telescope
16 - 21 Feb 2004
M. Anghinolfi
Vienna Conf. Instrum., Vienna, Austria
Nucl. Instr. and Meth. A535 (2004)126

 What ? Status report on the Antares project
15 - 21 Feb 2004

J. D. Zornoza
Lake Louise Winter Institute, Alberta, Canada

Author : Th. Stolarczyk