Scientific Activities

Since 2012
  • Chairman of the Conference Committee, ANTARES Collaboration
    • Appointing of ANTARES speakers for conferences
  • Since 2016 : Member of the Publication Committee
    • Reviewing of ANTARES publications
Since 2008
  • Coordinator of ANTARES-Virgo/LIGO analyses - GWHEN
  • Here the (seminal) paper describing the principle of the joint search
  • Here for a talk presenting some results (2014)
    • Definition of the analyses, astrophysical interpretations
Since 2012
  • Responsible for the ORCA (Oscillation Research with Cosmic in the Abyss) Collaborative Wiki
  • See here for a talk describing the status (EPS-HEP, July 2015)
    • Detector geometry vs performances of the telescope
Since 2008
  • Coordinator of High Energy Neutrino Astronomy Activities at IPHC
Since 2001
  • Member of the ANTARES and KM3NeT Colllaborations
  • Charge calibration studies - including non-linear effects at low Q
  • Study of stimulated bioluminescence around the ANTARES Telescope
     "Etude d'algorithmes pour la detection de signaux impulsifs
     d'ondes gravitationnelles

     Controle de la cavite mode-cleaner de VIRGO"

     "Study of algorithms for the detection of impulsive signals of
     gravitational waves
     Control of the VIRGO mode-cleaner cavity"