Data set for the 2007-2010 ANTARES search for cosmic neutrino point sources

A time integrated search for point sources of cosmic neutrinos was performed using the data collected from January 2007 to December 2010 by the ANTARES neutrino telescope. Attached below are the cumulative angular resolution distribution, the point spread function, the effective area and the acceptance for an E-2 source spectrum. Although not used in this analysis, the point spread function as a function of the angular error estimate is also included in this webpage. Two types of searches were performed in this search: a full sky search and a search over 50 pre-defined neutrino source candidates. No statistically significant signal was found.
A better calibration of the detector was performed after the 2007-2010 analysis, leading to a data set with an increased number of events for the same set of cuts (from 3058 events to 3092). A better modelling of the PMT transit-time distribution is currently used in the simulations, leading also to an estimated better angular resolution (the median angular resolution is currently estimated at 0.38° instead of 0.43°). A re-evaluation of the data set for this particular period showed that the most significant cluster was located in a compatible location to the one found in this analysis (RA: -46.5°, DEC: -64.9°), although with a higher significance (2.7σ post-trial significance for a fitted number of signal events of 5.9).

More information on how the search was performed can be found in:

Search for Cosmic Neutrino Point Sources with Four Year Data of the ANTARES Telescope


The data for the 2007-2010 period can be found in the following ASCII table:

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    This file includes the declination, right ascension, detected number of hits and estimated angular resolution for each of the 3092 events of the same sample.

    Please cite this data as:
    Search for Cosmic Neutrino Point Sources with Four Year Data of the ANTARES Telescope – ANTARES Collaboration (S. Adrián-Martínez et al.), Astrophys.J. 760 (2012) 53 arXiv:1207.3105

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