Particles from Beyond Standard Model Theories

ANTARES detector is a good tool for the detection and test of particles predicted in Beyond Standard Model theories:

Magnetic monopoles

The existence of magnetic charges has been considered since a long time ago. The introduction of hypothetical magnetic charges and magnetic currents can restore the symmetry in Maxwell’s equations with respect to magnetic and electric fields. When investigating the symmetry between electricity and magnetism, Paul Dirac proved in 1931, that the introduction of Magnetic Monopoles (MMs) can also elegantly solve the problem of the quantization of electric charge. In addition to this, Grand Unified Theories also predicted that MMs could be created shortly after the Big Bang. ANTARES has searched for relativistic MMs setting limits to the flux of these particles.


Nuclearites are very high mass (A > 107) stable nuclei made with strange quark matter containing up, down and strange quarks. They are neutral atom-like systems, as they would be expected to possess an electron cloud around the core. If they exist, there may be bound to the Galaxy and there could be an associated cosmic flux. ANTARES has searched for nuclearites and set constrains to this flux in the mass range of (4×1013 < A < 1017).