ANTARES data for the search for Non-Standard Interactions

ANTARES is now fully dismantled, but analyses, publications, and data releases are going on.

Non-standard interactions of neutrinos arising in many theories beyond the Standard Model can significantly alter matter effects in atmospheric neutrino propagation through the Earth. In this paper, a search for deviations from the prediction of the standard 3-flavour atmospheric neutrino oscillations using the data taken by the ANTARES neutrino telescope is presented. Ten years of atmospheric neutrino data collected from 2007 to 2016, with reconstructed energies in the range from ∼16 GeV to 100 GeV, have been analysed and the results presented in a recently published paper.

The data set used for this analysis and for a previous sterile analysis have been released.


Left : Contours of 68.3\% (solid), 90\% (dashed) and 95\% (dotted) confidence level on the interaction parameters, after 10 years of ANTARES livetime
for the Normal Ordering (left) and the Inverted Ordering (right) cases – see 
this reference for more details. 

The data made public are available at this page. Please cite these data as A. Albert et al., J. High Energ. Phys., 2022, 48 (2022).