IceCube finds evidence from High Energy neutrino emission from NGC1068

ANTARES congratulates IceCube for their highly significant (4.2σ) observation of a new High Energy neutrino source NGC1068, a galaxy 47 million light years away with an active galactic nucleus. The announcement of this evidence for a high energy neutrino emission from NGC1068 was made on November 3rd and is available here.

The search for neutrino events from the direction of this galaxy with ANTARES data (2007-2020) did not reveal any event excess, which is consistent with the IceCube best fit of the neutrino flux. Our flux limit, which can be seen on the following figure is 8.2 10-12 for a E-2 spectrum (single flavour). The limit is valid in an energy range from 3 TeV to 3 PeV (5%-95% quantile). The methodology of our search can be found in A. Albert et al., Phys. Rev. D 96, 082001 (2017).

IceCube spectrum from NGC1068 and the ANTARES limits – see this reference for more details on the observations from IceCube and other instruments.