Search for relativistic magnetic monopoles with ten years of the ANTARES detector data

The presented study is an updated search for Magnetic Monopoles (MMs) using data taken with the ANTARES neutrino telescope over a period of 10 years (January 2008 to December 2017). In accordance with some Grand Unification Theories (GUT), MMs were created during the phase of symmetry breaking in the early Universe, and accelerated by inter-galactic magnetic fields. As a consequence of their high energy, they could cross the Earth and emit a significant signal in a Cherenkov-based telescope like ANTARES, for appropriate mass and velocity ranges. This analysis a new simulation of MMs taking into account the Kasama, Yang and Goldhaber (KYG) model for their cross section with matter. The results obtained for relativistic magnetic monopoles with β = v/c ⩾ 0.817, where v is the magnetic monopole velocity and c the speed of light in vacuum, are presented.