An updated 11-years ANTARES point-source search presented at ICRC 2019 and ANTARES data 2007-2017 released

On Saturday July, 27th, during the Neutrino Session at ICRC 2019 (Madison, USA), the ANTARES Collaboration will present the results of an updated search for cosmic point-like neutrino sources using track-like and shower-like events collected during 11 years of data taking. The data were recorded between early 2007 and the end of 2017, for a total livetime of 3125 days.
The figure below displays the sky map of pre-trial p-values for the tracks+showers point source search.
At this occasion, ANTARES releases this 2007-2017 data set, available at this location. The provided file includes the declination (degrees), right ascension (degrees), detected number of hits, estimated angular resolution (degrees) and MJD (days) for each of the track-like events of the same sample.
Sky map in equatorial coordinates of pre-trial p-values for a point-like source of the ANTARES visible sky. The red contour indicates the location of the most significant cluster of the full-sky search.