ANTARES Oscillation Results covered at Neutrino 2018

The latest ANTARES results concerning neutrino oscillations were presented this week during the talk given by Tyce de Young, “Latest results from IceCube and ANTARES”, at the conference Neutrino 2018. The talk is available online.

Left: Number of observed/expected events as a function of direction. Right : Results on the oscillation parameters, compared to previous experiments.

The analysis, covering 2830 days of livetime between 2007 and 2016, selected 7710 up-going track events. The results are presented in the figures below. They show good improvements with respect to the previous analysis and consistency with other published measurements. Furthermore, the Non-oscillation hypothesis is discarded with a statistical significance of 4.6σ.

Other results, related to point-source searches or multi-messenger analyses, have been presented during the talk given by Ignacio Taboada, “A View of the Universe with the IceCube and ANTARES Neutrino Telescopes“.